Corona Virus: Why some countries wear markers, yet others don’t

A study by the team of researchers led by way of a Texas A&M University professor has found that not wearing a breathing apparatus dramatically increases your likelihood of being infected through the COVID-19 virus.

But as partisan interests sew symbolism and controversy into custom face mask, scientists are trying to provide answers about how exactly effectively those masks prevent transmission in the coronavirus, and what role they must play in efforts to limit the pathogen’s spread.

To reduce the chances of resurgences, the reproduction number for your virus (the average amount of people that will contract it in one infected person) has to drop below 1.0. Researchers don’t believe that’s achievable with lockdowns alone. However, a combination of lockdowns and widespread mask compliance might do the trick, people say.

Many people are still not wearing masks despite official advice though, and a few governments remain unconvinced concerning the science.

Are Reusable or Washable Masks Best, and What are the Rules?

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Masks may help the most

The study says the most effective nose and mouth mask for preventing spread of droplets were N95 masks without valves while fleece coverings and bandanas were the very least effective, with researchers finding them “worse today wearing virtually any facial covering”.

Now a new study by researchers on the University of Edinburgh has investigated the impact of various forms of nose and mouth mask on airflow ejected by way of a wearer when they breathed or coughed, including standard surgical masks, FFP2 respirators and cloth masks.


When reports emerged which a strange new illness was spreading in Wuhan, China, Elaine Shuo Feng, an epidemiologist and statistician, is at her hometown of Tianjin, more than 730 miles through the disease’s epicenter.


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