Why pay now when you can pay later? Whether it’s holiday gifts or groceries, it’s easier than ever to postpone payments on purchases. “Buy now, pay later,” or BNPL, lets shoppers break their purchases into equal installment payments, often interest-free, which can make even the biggest-ticket items seem affordable and […]

Karl Tapales | Moment | Getty Images Con artists pretending to be Amazon employees scammed Americans out of $27 million from July 2020 through June 2021, the Federal Trade Commission said Wednesday. These fraudsters were part of a “business impersonator” scam. Criminals pose as someone the consumer trusts — in […]

For decades, adults have increasingly shunned the idea of tying the knot. Although more people are cohabitating, it has not been enough to offset the steady decline in marriage, leaving more people uncoupled overall, according to a recent Pew Research Center analysis of the latest census data. Now, a record […]

Lawmakers agreed to a short-term increase of the U.S. debt ceiling to avoid a first-ever default, but everyday Americans are not entirely out of the woods. A debt limit extension into December took pressure off both parties to reach a compromise by Oct. 18, when the Treasury Department warned the […]